Success Stories

“When I launched my business this year, I knew that there were obstacles ahead that I couldn’t imagine. More importantly, there were moments of doubt and I did not want to let fear stop me from doing what I had been thinking about and planning for three years: launch my own Advertising and Marketing agency.

Andria gave me the tools to look at my business plan with a fresh set of eyes, encouraged me to embrace new opportunities, and to fully recognize that fear had to stop preventing me from moving forward. With her coaching, I was able to adapt and improve the understanding I had of business planning which helped me confidently “open the doors”. Most importantly, I was able to gain clarity on the value add that I personally bring to my clients and the confidence that comes with that is invaluable.

In the most quiet, sincere way, Andria coached me to understand how to position myself with poise and confidence that this was more than a thought; the coaching helped me actualize living, doing, and breathing my plan.

~K. Sprague, Warrenton, VA

After 15 years of running a successful business things had gotten stagnant. We were earning and selling, but we weren’t growing. I knew the change had to come from me and I knew I needed to take big steps to make that happen. That’s when I found and hired Andria.

Having a coach was more than I could have imagined. In two years, not only has my business more than doubled in growth, but my personal outlook on what I am capable of doing has increased exponentially. I’ve seen changes in my business, the people who work for me and in who I am both personally and professionally.

Andria not only coached me but was my cheerleader and a friend. She told me the things I knew I needed to hear, even when I didn’t want to admit them, and cheered me on as I accomplished my goals. Thanks to the work I did with Andria, I have gone well beyond what I truly believed I was capable of and as I move forward I’ve come to realize there are no limits.

~ J. Faust, Gillette, NJ

“What I love about Andria’s personal touch in coaching is her complete acceptance of me and where I am in any given moment. I’ve never felt judged, only understood and appreciated for who I am. What a gift she is! What resides in her heart is a true desire to coach and inspire us to find the very best within our being. Not to mention, her background is impeccable, rich in experience and wisdom. I trust her with all I have.”

B. Young, Warrenton, VA

“Thank you Coach Andria for guiding me through this process. Your insights, perspective, candor and inspiration have given me the foundation (e.g., self-awareness, courage and tools) to reinvent myself – at age 53. A special thank you for sharing experiences from your own journey. I learned a lot from you and look forward to reading your future books, attending your conferences and staying in touch. You are awesome!”

~ K. Wrenn, Gainesville, VA

“At the age of 51 and having been a successful career professional for 31 years, I found myself at a crossroads in my professional life. After realizing that I needed to hear more than my voice track and see clear of my own experiences I sought out professional coaching. I cannot specifically state what led me to Andria other than a guiding hand; however I am grateful every day for this decision.

Andria is a skillful, proficient and compassionate coach who provided the personalized tools and frameworks that allowed me to work through the process of identifying my life values and discovery tools that allowed me to conjecture possibilities on how I can align my skills, talents, and experience to my life values for a more fulfilled and satisfying livelihood.

I refer daily to the tools and frameworks that I derived from my partnership with Andria and look forward to “what’s next”. I know in the future I will continue to seek out her professional guidance and attend her programs because I feel this program has been vital to navigating my personal and professional development.

Thank you, my friend.”

~ K. Gifford, Danville, IL.

“Andria is a wonderful guide and coach who helped me rediscover who I was meant to be. She also helped me find the courage to be that person and live the life I’ve always wanted to live. She is an expert at what she does and someone who listens deeply, without judgment. She provides a safe haven for growth and development. She always knew just what I needed and helped me grow exponentially this past year.”

~ M. Williams, Brooklyn, NY

“After selling my company and completing my obligations I watched as the economy collapsed and my next big thing flopped. After hearing Andria speak at a local gathering it was my good fortune to follow up and retain her as my coach. She patiently listened to my concerns, desires, and needs. She then encouraged me to focus inward and really think about what I want out of my venture. This introspective approach helped me to clearly identify what I wanted both near and long term. As a result, I now count her as a part of my team of professional advisors along with my attorney’s and accountant. Without her assistance I would have lingered in that zone of indecisiveness where one knows neither victory nor defeat. Instead, after aggressively pursuing the strategy we developed I am now working with a PE group to help them grow an existing start up while laying the foundation for another which I will lead as CEO. Thanks for helping me get back in the game coach.

~ J. Craig, Entrepreneur & Business Owner, Rockville, MD

I sought out coaching because I was feeling lost in my career direction. I felt like a hiring a coach could assist me in strategically thinking about my career future instead of me jumping from one job to another without an end goal in my mind.

The lasting benefits from my coaching sessions were they provided me clarity in my career direction and it also built up my confidence in my professional environment. The other advantage was I felt like I have an advocate in my corner and it was pleasant to have that type of support since I haven¹t had it before in my professional career.”

~ K. Bues, Senior Business Analyst, Bethesda, MD

“For the past 20 years I have worked at a job that paid the bills, provided me with health benefits, and enabled me to take care of my 3 children as a single mother. That was great, but it was not where I wanted to be-it was where I ended up. I wanted more from my life, so I decided to invest in myself by hiring a coach.When I heard Andria speak at a networking luncheon about reinventing her life, I knew I had found the right person to help me transition into my next phase. She guided me through the assessment process, which was incredibly in-depth, and asked me some really hard questions. I learned more about myself than I ever knew before, while confirming a few things that I did know.

Andria has a sixth sense about what to ask at the right time. I still have some uncertainty about my future, but I am sure of who I am, thanks to my time with Andria”.

~ T. Fisher, Senior Operations Director, Austin, TX

“Our organization exists in a high pressure, fast paced environment. We also have a relatively young staff with tremendous potential but limited opportunities for individual and team professional growth and development. Andria’s group work and individual coaching sessions with the management team have proven exceedingly valuable as we identified gaps, built strategies to address and fill those gaps, and in so doing significantly enhanced the professionalism of our team. For the top senior executives, Andria provided critical insights into our organizational dynamics and ways in which we, individually and together, could enhance our roles as leaders and mentors. Largely as a result of her coaching and assistance, our organization is operating at an ever increasing level of effectiveness and continuing to deliver increasing levels of value to our membership.”

~S. Soloway, President & CEO, Arlington, VA

“As a member of the Senior Executive Service for the US Navy, I provide senior leadership for a research and development team of over 450 government employees and contractors. The first year and a half on the job were frustrating and the level of frustration was creeping upward every day. I was spending way too much time focusing on trivial administrative matters and not nearly enough time developing and executing strategic objectives. In other words, I was not doing what I really thought was my job. During the first few coaching sessions together, Andria helped me determine that I needed to gain confidence in others to whom I should be delegating and that my communication skills needed to be improved so that I could clearly articulate expectations. I was not letting others do their job. I was also letting them off the hook when they did not did their job. During the rest of the sessions, Andria supported me in making these improvements. We worked together to develop ways of showing whether or not the improvements were occurring.Working with Andria provided me skills that allowed me to deal with the frustration and focus on getting necessary results in my job.”

~ C. Dwyer, Senior Executive, Washington, DC