Do you need to reset your goals for 2019?
Spring is the perfect time to do this!
Stop putting yourself on the back burner.
Stop putting your dreams on hold.
Start living a life you LOVE.

Special Coaching Program Offer: Only available through April 2019!

Reset your path this Spring!
Take time for you, to focus on your personal and professional visions and plans, and start living a life you love

Celebrate YOU this Spring by taking time for YOU.

This special coaching offer was designed to help you do any of the following:

  • Get clear on your vision for yourself, both personally and professionally.
  • Gain clarity on next steps to grow your career or business.
  • Gain courage and confidence to finally quit your job and find meaningful work.
  • Reset, recharge, and re-energize yourself .
  • Finally start the big project you’ve been wanting to do for so long.. (write the book, create the business plan, finally get healthy and fit….)
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and fears holding you back from living your most fulfilled life.

This special offer is only available through April 2019 and spaces are limited!

Choose Your Coaching Option:
A – (4) 60-min coaching calls plus unlimited email access to Andria.
B – 3-hour private coaching retreat at Ashlyn Cottage with Andria (only 5 1 spot available for Option B).

Investment for each = $1250 (does not include travel and lodging for Option B)

If you want to spread out your coaching time over a few weeks, do it from the convenience of your home or office, plus have unlimited email access to Andria, choose Option A.
If you want dedicated one-on-one time with Andria at the serene beautiful location of Ashlyn Pond and Cottage, choose Option B.

Both options will give you the time and space to work through and release the fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back so you start realizing your dreams and living a life you love.  We will focus on the whole you – mind, body, and soul – so you can finally be free of anything that’s been keeping you from living your most authentic life.

If you want to start the new business, take your current business to the next level, quit the job, leave the relationship, finally get healthy, write the book, or… (fill in the blank), this is the perfect opportunity to make time for yourself so these things can finally become your reality.

Let go of what’s holding you back and start living a life you love.

Reserve your spot with a 20% deposit! The remainder will be billed and due prior to 4/30/19, or prior to the onset of your coaching calls/ private retreat (which ever comes first). All coaching calls and retreats must occur prior to 5/31/19. Once you reserve your spot, you will receive the details specific for the option you chose.

Questions? Not sure what option is best for you? Email us at, or schedule a complimentary call with Andria to further discuss which choice best fits your needs.

Reserve Your Spot Today!

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