We will be scheduling a Vision Retreat again soon. Please check back here soon or email us at info@andriacorso.com for details on the next one!

Make Your Vision A Reality!

  • Are you tired of “never having the time” to get clear on your vision, path, and where you’re headed?
  • Did you not have a chance to set your intentions and goals for 2018?
  • Are you ready to reset and get on the right path? To take all those dreams, plans, and ideas and finally make them a reality?

Then you are ready for our Vision Retreat !

VR Image

IMG_0515– Give yourself the gift of time to leap into the rest of the year on the right path.
– Spend a fun filled day with Andria Corso and a group of like-minded individuals to start making your dreams a reality. Retreats take place at Ashlyn Cottage, next to the beautiful pond on Andria’s property.

We will help you get clear on your purpose and then align your personal and professional vision with this purpose.  Doing this not only motivates you but also ensures that all your steps towards that vision will be meaningful and satisfying.

No more struggling towards your vision!

Who is this retreat for?
– Anyone who always wants to (but can never find the time to) create their personal and professional vision.
– Someone who is looking for a fun, relaxed, and supportive way to identify what they truly want their life to look like in the next 6-12 months and start taking steps to begin living that life.

IMG_1769What will we do?
Andria will coach and lead you through a process to create your Vision Book. You can either use one of the vision books supplied or bring along your favorite scrap book which, by the end of the day will be filled with:

  • Your Daily List of Enjoyments
  • Your Unique Skills and Abilities (will be gathered by you ahead of time, as pre-work for the retreat)
  • Your Reason For Being [your purpose!] (Some pre-work required ahead of time for this part)
  • Your Vision of You: Who you want to be and how you want to feel.
  • Your Vision For The Year: What you want to accomplish, both personally and professionally.
  • The WHY behind your vision
  • Your Action Plan: 90-day professional action plan and 90-day personal action plan
  • Vision Creation Rituals

Make your vision a reality!



IMG_0460“The Vision Retreat was Awesome!!  Andria, I am so grateful for your support and your work with these retreats!  You knew the right questions to ask to get me to find the answers I needed to create the life I envision for myself.  I refer to the vision book we made that day on a regular basis to keep me focused – it’s a true map of what I want 2016 to look like.  Your post-retreat follow-through is amazing, as well. I always feel supported, and I love staying connected with my “vision-mates” through your Facebook community.” – L. Witt-Lee, Manassas, VA

“I loved spending the day with Andria. It was a wonderful time to sit and focus on my goals. Andria really helps guide you and get you thinking about what is important. You owe it to yourself to take a day and focus on yourself. When I left I felt refreshed and focused. Once I got focused things just started falling into place and they felt right! I have been able to expand my business and have more clarity on what needs to be done. I highly recommend The Vision Retreat.”  
-J. Rodriguez, Warrenton, VA.

“It is hard to take the time in “real life” to ask yourself some very important questions. Am I happy? Am I content? How do I want to feel? Am I leading my life in a way that keeps me feeling the way I want to be feeling? These thoughts and questions are hard to think about and hard to answer. But, at Andria’s vision retreat, you feel that you are in a safe space to do so.  The time flies by because you spend much of the day and retreat reflecting inward.  Interestingly, I found the last part of the retreat to be the most helpful, where I was asked to set steps and timelines so that I may actually plan out how to reach our emotional goals. Taking the moment to say “I will take this action so that I can begin to feel this way, and I will take this action on this day, etc.” was life changing for me. It was a moment of self-accountability and permission to take positive action for myself. No matter where you are in life, you will grow from this retreat.” 
-G. Kelsey, Warrenton, VA

“I attended a Vision Retreat with Andria recently.  I not only met some lovely other women, but Andria guided us through a process that involved really examining our goals, our purpose, and helped us to set benchmarks for ourselves that are truly attainable.  I was energized and motivated by the time I left, and the fact that she follows up offers some accountability as well.  And what a beautiful location!” – R. Miller, Manassas, VA

“What I love about Andria’s personal touch in coaching is her complete acceptance of me and where I am in any given moment. I’ve never felt judged, only understood and appreciated for who I am. What a gift she is! What resides in her heart is a true desire to coach and inspire us to find the very best within our being. Not to mention, her background is impeccable, rich in experience and wisdom. I trust her with all I have.” – B. Young, Warrenton, VA 

Join us and experience some of what our participants described!