Speaking and Interview Appearances

Andria Corso is an engaging and motivational speaker who has given countless presentations, speeches, interviews, and seminars.

Some of her most popular speaking topics include:

  • Compassion Fatigue in Animal Care Workers
  • Animal Caregiver Grief
  • Moving through Fear and Into Flow
  • 5 Biggest Mistakes That Keep You Stuck in Place – Learn to Avoid Them and Take Your Life to The Next Level
  • Reinvent Your Career or Business, Reinvent Your Life
  • How to Reignite Passion for Your Life and Work
  • Five Steps to Creating and Living Your Best Life

Some of Andria’s past interviews and speaking engagements include:

Anticipatory Grief in Animal Caregivers

Caregivers of sick pets have increased levels of depression, anxiety, and stress (JAVMA 2019), and processing these emotions is essential to their personal wellbeing and quality of life. Referrals for support during this time benefits the pet owner as well as the veterinary team party to that relationship. Andria Corso recently explained to an audience of veterinary professionals.

Compassion Fatigue – Helping the Helpers.

Delivered to the Human-Animal Interaction Division of the American Psychological Association. (This is a free membership site. To view the webinar, you will need to sign up for a free account)

Andria appeared on It’s a Woman’s World and was interviewed on Career Reinvention. Check out her appearance here:

Womans World

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