Private Retreat

It’s time to focus on you and your growth.

IMG_1891Imagine a day solely about you, your wellbeing, your self-care, your personal and professional growth and success… That’s what this Private Retreat with Andria is all about: YOU.

It is perfect if you desire exclusive individual attention. This Private Retreat was created for the person looking to take immediate action and make some big shifts in their professional and personal development. Together, in-person we will do in one day what it often takes months for you to do on your own.

VA HORSE WINEThis retreat at Andria’s beautiful cottage by the pond on her property (Ashlyn Cottage) in Virginia’s horse and wine country, outside the Washington DC metropolitan area and includes the same one-on-one coaching Andria offers to countless clients on an ongoing basis. You receive this in a condensed, but highly effective manner. This is time for you, in a calm serene setting, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

IMG_0515This in-person, personalized, anything goes, full-day with Andria will help you clear limiting beliefs, fears, and other obstacles holding you back from reaching your highest potential and living your most fulfilled life.

The day begins at 10AM at Andria’s cottage by the pond (Ashlyn Cottage – links to videos below!)  Those arriving from out-of-town will be given lodging options when you enroll in program. Lunch will be provided at the cottage. There will be time to wander around the property and experience connecting with nature, which is not only inspiring but healing and restorative. Or you can simply spend your time strategizing and focused on you and what you need.  The day will conclude with dinner at a local restaurant with Andria.

Prior to spending the day with Andria, you will complete a short questionnaire and have a 30-minute phone call with her to strategize on how to focus your time during your Private Retreat. This is your Retreat Day Planning Session.

At the end of your day together you will not only walk away with a detailed plan so you know exactly what you need to do when you step back into your life but you will feel energized, inspired, and refreshed from having spent one day completely focused on you, your growth, and self –care.

Clients leave energized and ready to take action on the next phase of their journey. The lasting effects of spending this focused time on your own personal development and self-care are invaluable. You will carry the good energy from this one-day into all areas of your life and have a new set of skills that will positively impact all areas of your life.

What are others’ saying?

“In 2015 a girlfriend encouraged me to attend Andria’s inaugural Vision Retreat. While I was suspicious, it was one of the best investments in me I ever made.  Fast forward 18 months.  Ready to explore new possibilities professionally, I needed help visualizing the next steps.
I scheduled a private retreat with Andria at Ashlyn Pond. It is a cozy, sanctuary in the woods.  A place to disconnect from the world and connect with yourself, Andria, and nature.  Her process facilitated the transition from frenetic activity to deep thinking. In a very short time, we identified ways to align my skills, talents, experiences, and networks to help me stop forcing things and to do the work I wanted to do going forward.  I walked away with an action plan, new definition of success, and a true appreciation for joy.” ~
K. Clark Pakstys, McLean, Virginia.

“I was considering a life coach when I found myself at a critical juncture and realized I wanted to make some significant changes. Though I had an idea of what I might want and need to do, I felt overwhelmed about where to start. Andria was a blessing – supremely intuitive and sensitive, while also skillfully guiding me in organizing my thoughts and identifying next steps. She really helped me hone in on what means the most to me and what I need to do to align my life with those values.  Andria really has a knack for asking the right questions. She helped me solidify and clarify what had been a bit of a scattered mess in my head! I am now on a path to redesigning my life to not only align my livelihood with my values but to live a freer and more fulfilling life. Andria, I will always be grateful!”
~ D. Gaskin, Springfield, Va.

“Spending the day at Ashlyn Cottage and Pond with Andria was exactly what I needed to get clear on the next steps for my business, and myself personally. It was a most beautiful serene location for Andria to masterfully coach me through the things that were holding me back. I may have to return for another outing there…”  ~ M. Hert, Alexandria, VA

“I decided that the only way I was going to make the changes in my life that I’ve been talking about making for the past 5 years was to invest in myself both in time and money. Taking a day for me, to focus on me, my career, my personal life, what’s next, and how to get there was exactly what happened when I decided to do a private coaching retreat with Andria. I left refreshed, refocused, and armed with a plan to move forward and finally live the life I’ve been talking about. Andria is a gifted coach. The location is spectacular. You won’t be sorry if you choose a private coaching retreat with her. ” ~J. Sommerton Frederick, MD

“You will never regret spending time with Andria at Ashlyn Cottage and Pond. It’s hard to describe but that place and the space Andria creates and holds for you equates to peace, clarity, creation, intention, focus, and action. We accomplished more than I expected and I received the gift of time and space for me, amazing coaching from Andria, clarity on what’s next for me, and a plan to make it happen. And yes, I’ll definitely be coming back for another session. Beyond worth it.” ~ A. Richards, Wilmington, DE

Private One-Day Retreat Details:

  • 30-minute pre-session planning call with Andria.
  • Seven full hours with Andria (10AM – 5PM).
  • Lunch at Ashlyn Cottage.
  • Two (2) 60-minute follow up phone calls with Andria.

Your Investment: $5,000

*Travel and lodging expenses not included.

There’s also the option to do a half-day private retreat. The focus is the same: you, your personal and professional development, and your self-care.

Private Half-Day Retreat Details:

  • 30-minute pre-session planning call with Andria.
  • Four full hours with Andria (10AM – 2PM).
  • Lunch at Ashlyn Cottage.
  • One (1) 60-minute follow-up call with Andria.

Your Investment: $2,500

*Travel and lodging expenses are not included.


Or, if you’d like more information, schedule a complimentary call with Andria to find out more and determine whether this is the best option for you – Schedule call with Andria

Check out the videos of Ashlyn Cottage:
Walking the Path to Ashlyn Cottage Video 
Interior of Ashlyn Cottage