Fear to Flow Audio Course

Are you serious about finally moving away from living in fear and giving up your struggle?

Are you finally ready to step into your Divine flow and allow life to unfold perfectly?

Then the Fear to Flow Audio Course is for you!

Andria Corso_07This course takes the contents in Andria’s latest book, Fear to Flow, and go to a much deeper level. Plus new content, not included in the book, is taught!
Through four 60-minute teleclasses, worksheets, personal assignments and rituals, Andria provides you with the tools and resources, along with her personal experience and wisdom, to finally give up your struggle and let go of fear.
You will move into your Divine flow and your life will begin to unfold perfectly.

What you receive:

  • Four 60-min teleclasses (taught by Andria) to do at your own pace.
  • Worksheets and assignments to accompany each class.
  • Lifetime access to all class content so you can go back and refresh yourself as necessary.(This is great for those times when you need to remind yourself what you already know about living life in the Divine flow.)

What others are saying:

“This course was the perfect supplement to Andria’s book, Fear to Flow. It took everything in the book to the next level of detail and allowed me time and space to figure out what works best for me, in my life. I was able to implement the practices Andria taught and step by step, day by day. By doing this the voice of fear has begun to quiet. It is wonderful feeling to be able to recognize the fear and move through it as opposed to allowing it to control me. Thank you, Andria!” ~ C. Bernie, New York, New York

“Thank you, Andria, for the gift of your story and your wisdom. I am so grateful for the authenticity you shared, not only in the book, but in the recordings of this course. It’s so refreshing to know that we all are on similar journeys and because of your willingness to share your experiences, you’ve made my journey easier. This course enabled me to finally hear and heed the voice of my intuition. And yes, when I pay attention to that voice, the struggle begins to fade. It takes time and practice but it works. Highly recommend this for anyone looking to finally stop letting fear lead the way!” ~ S. Ulster, Denver, CO

“I strongly recommend this as an add-on to the book, Fear to Flow. It takes you deeper into the concepts Andria writes about and, if you’re serious about living life in the flow, gives you the time and space to start making the changes required to do this. Plus, I loved hearing Andria’s personal perspective via the audio recordings.  You won’t be disappointed in this investment!” ~ J. Bridgeman,  Charlotte, NC

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It’s time to stop letting fear control you and to give up the struggle.
Step into your Divine Flow and watch your life unfold perfectly…
Access the course today!

Investment:  $99