Career Transition Coaching

If you’re in the middle of or on the verge of a career transition and unsure of what’s next, this is the perfect coaching option for you. We help you create and find meaningful work; work that fulfills you and is aligned with what you love. No more Sunday night blues. No more struggling and feeling trapped in a dead-end, unfulfilling job.  Yes, you can earn a living doing what you love. You can thrive in your career. In fact, you deserve to. Yes, you can love Mondays and our Career Transition Coaching will help you get there.


Life CoachingBetter Life Trail

We offer  private one-on-one life coaching for individuals looking to create and find meaningful work; who are looking to design a life that “fits” who they truly are and are ready to let go of boredom, dissatisfaction, and overwhelm and step into a life that is fully successful, filled with inspiration, peace, and joy. If you are feeling restless or unfulfilled with your life, if you are ready to give up your soul sucking job and create meaningful and fulfilling work; if you want to make positive changes but are not sure where to begin, our Life Coaching Program is your solution.

Andria's benchPrivate Coaching Retreat

Imagine a day solely about you, your wellbeing, your self-care, your personal and professional growth and success… That’s what this Private Retreat with Andria is all about: YOU.

It is perfect if you desire exclusive individual attention. This Private Coaching Retreat was created for those looking to take immediate action and make some big shifts in their professional and personal development. Together, in-person we will do in one day what it often takes months for you to do on your own. Find out more here.