Are You Ready to Get Healthy & Fit?

  • Have you been struggling to find the time and the motivation to stick with a healthy fit lifestyle?
  • Do you find yourself starting and stopping a new fitness program and never getting the results you desire?
  • Isn’t it time to finally stop thinking about feeling fit, strong, and confident and finally start being that person?


Imagine this…

  • You wake feeling energized and excited about your day.
  • You consistently feel strong, confident, and healthy.
  • You like what you see when you look in the mirror; better yet – you LOVE the skin you’re in!
  • You know you are healthy – mentally, physically, and spiritually – and exude that confidence to the world.
  • You FEEL GOOD about and PROUD of your body.

Sound impossible?  It’s not. In fact, it’s quite probable. If you make a commitment to focus on yourself, your health and fitness, and your personal growth this is not only possible but highly likely. (My own success story is below.)

If you’ve had it with feeling sluggish, tired, and having no energy; if you’re fed up with starting new fitness programs and not being able to stick with them; if you’re tired of restrictive dieting that only works for a short period of time then it’s time for you to do something different.

It’s time for you to get the support you need to transform your lifestyle to one that not only “fits’ you, but also results in you living a fit life with confidence and strength. You’re not supposed to feel tired and lethargic. You’re not supposed to feel badly about your body or yourself. You’re meant to thrive and live a joyful life that feels good to you – mind, body, and spirit.

Start your transformation today!


What I do, as your fitness coach:

  • Help you uncover the type of fitness program that will work best for you.
  • Show you exactly what you need to do with that program to get the results you seek.
  • Show up for you with motivation, information, and support.
  • Help you uncover what holds you back.
  • Help you work through obstacles that keep you from your desired end-state.
  • Keep you on track to achieve your goals.

What I DON’T do:

  • Workout for you.
  • Eat healthy for you.
  • Force you to do anything.

The details:

  1. Fitness Coaching is a six-month program. Yes, I know we all want to workout for one week or one month and have the perfect body, but if you do it right, it takes time. It’s a lifestyle change, not a diet. And all lifestyle changes take time.. trust me, I’ve had many!
  2. We work together to find you the best workout program. I am currently affiliated with Beachbody and highly recommend their programs be integrated with whatever else you might enjoy doing for physical activity. I know Beachbody programs get my clients amazing results. I’ve personally been using them for nine years.
  3. You get me as your coach to talk to for 2 hours per month (this can be broken out in increments ranging from 15 min check-in calls to more in-depth 60 min coaching calls.)
  4. You get me checking in with you via email at least 3 times per week as an accountability check and for motivation.
  5. You can email me as much as you need or want during our coaching engagement.
  6. You have the option of being included in my monthly fitness challenge groups to receive virtual group inspiration, motivation, and support from other like-minded individuals on a journey to a healthier and more fit lifestyle.
  7. You also get special gifts in the mail from me to continue to inspire you on your journey.

Your investment: ?

Still undecided? Let’s chat!  Schedule your complimentary call with me today!
Or, if you’d prefer to just be part of my monthly fitness challenge groups, go here for more information.

Finally, if you want to know more about my fitness journey…

Growing up I was always the un-athletic uncoordinated kid (not the strong woman in this photo- wish I had a before image but I don’t and yes, that’s ME!) I got cut from the field hockey and lacrosse teams in middle and high school because, “Andria isn’t athletic or coordinated.” I believed that for a while, until my inner athlete decided she needed to come out. It began with a mad love of running at age 21 and never stopped. Along the way I realized that although I could easily run 10 miles, I could barely do a squat or lift a case of water. I was lean but I wasn’t strong. Then I found Beachbody’s P90X in 2008 and thought, “Wait! I AM athletic AND coordinated!” I decided to do many more Beachbody programs to build on my new found strength, and each day, one workout at a time I became the strong, coordinated, fit runner; yes, that athlete was always inside me, despite what I was told.

I’ve grown to love everything fitness-related because of how being healthy, strong, and fit makes me feel, both inside and out.  When we feel good physically, we are much more able to tackle the rest of our lives! When we feel sluggish or out-of-shape, it often makes everything else harder to deal with. I feel passionately about sharing my love of fitness with others – even if you don’t think you like to workout, trust me – there is at least one type of workout program out there (and probably many) that is for you and that you too can love. We just have to find it.

I’ve learned that we all have an inner athlete and/or the inner-healthy, fit person inside of us. It’s time to let him or her out. Perhaps like me, you were told that you weren’t athletic or coordinated, or perhaps you were even teased for being the overweight kid. It’s time to silence those voices and remember the perfection of who you are. The best way to silence the voices that tell you what you are not is to do that exact thing – be the athlete. Be the healthy fit confident person.  And don’t stop. Because eventually you will wake up and see yourself in the mirror as that person you always knew you were. 

PS – My indoor workouts include lots of love and interruptions from my critters, like you see in this photo. It never stops me though! If you want to see more of these funny photos, follow me on Instagram!