Andria Corso_07Fear to Flow: How to Give Up Your Struggle and Allow Life to Unfold Perfectly
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Are False Fears Holding You Back From Living Your Most Authentic Life?

  • Are you tired of struggling, striving, and feeling unfulfilled?
  • Are you ready to stop making decisions based on fear of failure, loss, rejection, judgment, or uncertainty?
  • Is it time for you to step into the flow of your own authentic Divine rhythm of life?

Take your first step by reading this heartwarming and honest book by Andria Corso. Andria tells her personal story of how loss and grief pushed her from living life based on false fears to living in the natural Divine flow of life.

The book shares Andria’s real world, heart breaking, and heart-warming experiences plus a road map for you to learn:

  • If, when, and how you might be living your life based on false fears.
  • How to move through and manage these fears as well as other difficult emotions such as loss, grief, anger, and frustration.
  • The four steps to living life from your authentic Divine flow, which results in a life of: Freedom, Love, Openness, and Wonder.

If you’re ready to finally give up your struggle and allow life to unfold perfectly, this book is your guide and proof that yes, you can change your life, you can go from fear to flow, and you can live from a peaceful, inspired place and achieve higher levels of joy and success than you ever imagined. Read more here

V12_LettingGo_outlinedIn 2011, Andria & her dear friend Julie Simmons were having lunch together and Julie suggested they write a book together. That was the start of the joint journey to write Letting Go Of The Status Quo: The Liberating Exhilarating Journey Of Two Women Who Reinvented Themselves (And Your Guide To Do The Same). Andria & Julie wrote this book to share their own stories of personal and professional reinvention; to inspire other women to live their most authentic lives and let go of the things that are not working in their lives so they can fully step into the lives they are meant to live. This book is not only their stories but also your ‘how-to’ guide on creating your most fulfilling life. Books available for purchase on:

Gatekeeper2FIn 2009, as Andria was leaving the Corporate world, she began a research project to help other Human Resources Professionals gain more credibility and respect. Having spent most of her career in a variety of Human Resource leadership roles, she felt strongly that there were things both business leaders and HR leaders needed to learn more about to support organizations having “best-in-class” Human Resource departments.

Hence, From Gatekeeper To Trusted Advisor: Success Strategies For Today’s HR Professional was born. This book contains research, case studies, stories, templates and checklists to help HR professionals be trusted advisors in their organizations. Books available for purchase by contacting Andria directly.