What is Ashlyn Cottage?


Ashlyn Cottage is a serene sanctuary located on Ashlyn Pond in Virginia’s horse and wine country.
It is a place to disconnect from the busyness of everyday life and reconnect with yourself, your intuition, and the callings of your soul.

AndriaCorso & Co. offers private retreats with Andria at Ashlyn Cottage.  These are ideal for those clients who are ready to take a half or a full-day to completely reconnect with themselves, with nature, and with what’s next for them (either personally, professionally, or both).

We also offer group retreats at Ashlyn Cottage at various times throughout the year. These include our Vision Retreat. In addition, we conduct customized team retreats for small teams. If you and your team need some time off the grid to in a beautiful location to grow and be inspired, please contact us or schedule a call with Andria to discuss your specific requests further.

For more details on private retreats with Andria at Ashlyn Cottage and how to experience one, visit: Private Coaching Retreats

IMG_0512To see a bit of what it’s like at Ashlyn Cottage in the summer, check out the videos below.

Check out the videos of Ashlyn Cottage:
Walking the Path to Ashlyn Cottage Video 
Interior of Ashlyn Cottage