Support for Animal Care Professionals

Photo credit: Jonas Vincent

The human-animal bond is a beautiful thing. If you’re an animal caregiver, animal lover, or someone who’s devoted your life to helping animals, you know the joy and satisfaction of working with animals. And, chances are you also know that witnessing animal suffering, abuse, and neglect creates emotional distress that can be overwhelming, especially when you are unable to save the animals in your care.

AndriaCorso & Co. offers services to help animal caregivers manage the emotional toll of their work so they can continue to care for and save the animals.

What do we do?

We work with teams and organizations to help maintain your staff’s well-being so you can continue to serve your animal patients most effectively.¬† We do this in the following manner:

  1. Research: using Andria’s background in research, pet loss, stress management, burnout, and compassion fatigue we gather data on your specific organization and team regarding their stress levels, compassion fatigue experiences, and general well-being.
  2. Recommend: based on research results, we make recommendations  to enhance the current well-being of your team and organization.
  3. Implement: we provide support for implementation of the recommended enhancements.
    For example, recommendations may include:
  • Compassion Fatigue and Stress Management Training
  • Organizational enhancements such as “Breathe and Restore Space” for staff to recharge during a stressful day, or specific policy and procedural guidelines to better support and maintain staff well-being and organizational effectiveness.
  • On-site or on-call emotional support for teams and individuals.

We also offer support to individuals who are grieving the loss of their beloved pet, or anticipating the loss of an aging or ill pet. Even if you aren’t the owner of the pet, you can experience grief associated with losing an animal for whom you’ve provided care.

Through a partnership with VetVine, LLC., Andria facilitates pet loss and grief support groups. These groups are for individuals who have lost a beloved pet or who are caring for an aging or terminally ill pet. Please visit VetVine’s webpage to access more information on these groups and register to attend an upcoming session.¬† Below is a description of the Caregiver Support groups (also called Anticipatory Grief sessions) as described by Andria in a recent presentation to a group of veterinary professionals.

Caregivers of sick pets have increased levels of depression, anxiety, and stress (JAVMA 2019), and processing these emotions is essential to their personal wellbeing and quality of life. Referrals for support during this time benefits the pet owner as well as the veterinary team party to that relationship. Andria Corso recently explained to an audience of veterinary professionals