About Andria

A little about me:

I love animals, nature, running, writing, my husband, my dogs and cats, family and friends, and working with people to create amazing fulfilling lives, careers, and businesses. I’ve been through several life-changing transformations in the past 15 years and with each one I find myself in a grander more beautiful place in life. I am passionate about animal rights and rescuing animals and have been my entire life.  I also have beliefs that I feel passionately about, which I lovingly refer to as my Lucky 13. Here is a small sampling of those

  1. I believe… Life should be filled with joy and inspiration. It should not feel arduous or exhausting. If it does, something needs to change.
  2. I believe… Everyone has a right to what they believe. We are each unique and have a right to our unique beliefs.
  3. I believe… Your thoughts and beliefs create your reality. We all have the power to create the life we desire. We simply need to align our thoughts and beliefs with the reality we desire.
  4. I believe… Dreams can come true. Miracles happen. Nothing is impossible (unless you believe it’s impossible).
  5. I believe… We should express and honor our passions and authenticity. You are here to be you. Honor that. Embrace it. Live it.

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I am a recovering workaholic and “doer”. I am also a recovering driven, struggling, type-A personality who has found that true success comes from reconnecting with our values and passions.

I left the Corporate world in 2009 and started my coaching and consulting business which I still am the proud owner of today. I also am heavily involved in animal rescue and animal care.

Here’s a little about my professional background, which might be of interest to you:
I have a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Psychology, a Master of Science in Human Organizational Science, and am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Research Psychology.  I love to study human behavior and understand what makes individuals and organizations thrive.  I am a Certified Life and Leadership Coach and an animal advocate with over a decade of experience supporting individuals dealing with pet loss and grief as well as a host of other emotional issues.

A little about my passion for animals, which developed as a young child. I began volunteering in animal shelters 20 years ago and have personally rescued 8 pets (2 cats, 6 dogs) in the last 13 years. I have also fostered a few dogs; however, because our foster dogs usually end up as foster-failures, my husband and I decided we’re better suited to simply adopt animals who need homes. I have over two decades of experience working in the world of animal rescue and currently serve as a Board Member and Director of Adoptions at Basset Rescue of Old Dominion.

My professional career includes 15 years at Lockheed Martin followed by running my own business the last 10 years and becoming heavily involved in animal rescue.  My “full bio” can be read here. Behind all those words, degrees, and certifications is what I believe to be the most important truth about me: I am here to create positive life changing experiences for all those I interact with: humans, animals, nature, strangers, friends, colleagues, clients – all. I love what I do and am blessed to do what I love.

I’ve also written three books. I tend to forget to mention that because I love to write. I blog here on my website and was also a contributing blogger at The Huffington Post.  You can find more info about my books here.

In case you want to read some of my “other” stuff, I’ve been featured in the following:

logos-for-websiteAnd… my coaching Certifications include the following: Martha Beck Life Coach, International Coach Federation:


I’ve spoken at numerous events and been interviewed on many podcasts over the years. You can see a sampling of these speaking appearances here: Andria’s Appearances