Welcome to the 21-Day Self-Confidence Challenge.  I’m thrilled you’re participating.  Below are the audio links to each of the 21 recordings.  Bookmark this page and make a note on your calendar to return each day to listen to the recording for that specific day.

Each recording contains a short 1-2 minute audio recording with a self-confidence tip for the day. The suggestion provided will be something for you to do that day to increase your self-confidence. The suggestions won’t take a lot of time but if you want to see results by the end of the 21-days, you’ll definitely want to implement all the suggestions and consistently begin to practice what each tip recommends.

Typically our self-confidence is impacted by thoughts or limiting beliefs that we’ve carried with us for much of our life. Often, they arise from an experience or a situation that we might have forgotten about; regardless of what it is that has caused you to feel self-doubt or insecure, by implementing the self-confidence suggestions over the next 21-days, you will gradually begin to shift your own mindset, thoughts, and beliefs about yourself. As a result, your self-confidence will start to increase and the second-guessing and negative self-talk will wane. And, it’s going to be fun and easy!

I’d suggest you have a journal or a pad you can use as you work through the next 21 days; something you can write in and use to do the exercises. Some of them build on each other so it will be helpful to have them all in one place. That way you can refer back and also take note of your own progress as you move through the next 21 days.

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If you have any questions or have trouble accessing any of the recordings, please feel free to contact us.

Confidence ExitWishing you joy and success!


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