Last week I decided I needed to start 2019 over again. We were only ten days into the year, and things definitely were not going as I intended. In fact, the year began with things not going as planned when my husband and I had to cancel our travel plans for the New Year because one of our dogs was quite sick. Despite my effort to set my intentions for 2019 and leave all the negative stuff from 2018 in 2018 (I wrote a blog post about this last month), 2019 started feeling as frustrating and disheartening as 2018 ended. And, I was annoyed by it. I wanted to start over.  In my attempt to stage a rewind and begin the new year again, I had a few realizations.

First, changing the calendar doesn’t change the chaos or negativity in life.

December was a tough month. It began with my dog having a stroke which was the domino that set off some other serious health issues for her. She’s a senior dog so our number one priority is to keep her comfortable and maintain her quality of life for as long as possible. That doesn’t make witnessing her sick or having her be in the hospital and see a variety of specialists any easier. On top of that, several other things happened throughout the last few months of 2018 that created excess stress and anxiety in my life. And, for some reason I thought when the clock struck midnight on Dec. 31, that would all disappear.

Nope, the way the old year ended carried into the way the new year began.

Next, change only happens when we do things differently. I know this. Yet, for some reason instead of changing up my mindset and routine, for the first ten days of the year I lingered in all the trudge from the end of 2018. I allowed sleep and self-care to take a backseat. I was still coming back from a 4-month running hiatus due to a hamstring injury so had no other stress reliever in my life. And, the only thing I was doing about all this was complaining. Hence, nothing would be different until I started to make some changes.

As I began to gradually increase my running, I also joined a gym with a wonderful yoga studio and started to use yoga as a stress reliever. I began daily walks outside around my property to allow mother nature to heal my heart and body, and I started making sleeping and self-care a priority again. It’s only been one week of doing things differently, and I can already feel my stress and anxiety easing. The calendar changing didn’t make anything different until I started doing things differently

Finally, we get to start again every day.  Yes, each new day is a “do-over” opportunity. There’s no need to wait for a new week, month, or year. You can simply decide that today is the day things change for you because you commit to making it different than yesterday, last week, or last year. Remember the calendar changing doesn’t change your chaos – your commitment and decision to do things differently is what sets that in motion. I for one am thankful that we get this opportunity every day.


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