The Answer You’ve Been Waiting For

I wrote a blog post a few months ago titled It’s Your Move, which was was about how nothing changes unless you make a move to change it. You can read more here. This is a follow-up post.

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of clients and associates say some of the following:

“I’m waiting to see how it unfolds.”

“I’m waiting for God to give me a sign.”

“I’m waiting for an answer from the Universe.”

These are people who have been saying these same things for, well, a long time. And, they continue to wait.

I’m all for waiting. I’ve been known to take premature and unfruitful action, which often results in wasted effort and frustration. So, hey, waiting is sometimes the only thing you can do. Sometimes waiting is essential to create space for your answers to come.

And, sometimes it’s an excuse.

How do you know it’s an excuse? When you’ve been waiting for a very long time, months, even years. When you’ve received signs from the Universe about your “next step” but don’t like what you heard, so you decide you’re going to wait on a better sign, one you like more. And this is why we end up in a perpetual state of waiting.

Here’s what I know from many years working on my own spiritual and personal development and from the countless clients I’ve coached: we are ALWAYS getting answers and signs from the Universe. All our prayers are heard and answered. Sometimes the answer is “no” when we desperately want a yes. So, we wait for the yes. But it never comes because we already got the answer. It was no.

Sometimes the answer is completely different from what you were expecting. It seems so odd that you think “that can’t be the answer” so you wait for another one. But it never comes because you already got the answer. You just chose to ignore it.

And sometimes the answers are so quiet and subtle that you think “did I hear that? No. It didn’t come over a loudspeaker or as breaking news in my email. That’s not the answer.” So, you wait for the bigger bolder answer, but that, too, won’t show up because the still small voice inside you already whispered the answer. You just didn’t trust it because it sounded too much like your own voice.

And finally, sometimes before you get the answer you actually have to make a move. The Universe is waiting for you to decide and commit before lighting the way. Yes, sometimes God waits for you to move before giving you the sign you’ve been waiting for.

So, this is the answer you’ve been waiting for:

Stop waiting.

The answers are all around you.

Listen closely.

Pay attention.

Make a move.

This blog was originally featured on HuffPost blog on January 16, 2018.

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