What Is Coaching? And Is It Right for Me?

After almost two decades of being a coach (both inside the Corporate world and in my own business), I still get the question: what exactly is coaching…?
If you’re wondering the same thing, here’s my answer for you.

Coaching is a process to help you move forward in some area of your life where you feel stuck or dissatisfied. Think of your coach as someone who supports you through the process of making a life or career change, who helps you identify fears, limiting beliefs or other obstacles that hold you back, and someone who helps you put a plan in place to make your vision and goals a reality.

Most of my coaching clients are healthy successful people who are simply stuck or want to make a big life change and need some support doing so. A life, career, business, fitness, health, or wellness coach is like a sports coach in that we support you on your journey but we won’t necessarily tell you what to do. We may give suggestions and advise but my philosophy on coaching is that you know what’s best for you. I don’t. I only know what’s best for me. I can share with you my experiences and what’s worked for me or my other clients; however, you are the master and expert of you. As your coach, I guide you to finding the solution that works best for your specific situation.

So that’s what coaching is….
The other question I get is: Is Coaching Right for Me?

If you’re looking for someone to solve all your problems and give you the silver bullet answer to your life questions then, no – coaching is not right for you.
If you’re looking to grow, learn about yourself, and uncover the best solution for YOU, then yes, coaching is for you.
If you’re ready and willing to let go of what’s not serving you and free yourself from the things that hold you back, yes, coaching is for you.
If you’re looking for someone to support you, be honest with you, and help you hold yourself accountable, then yes coaching is for you.

Truth is, coaching is not for everyone. I’m not your mother, your teacher, or your boss. I’m not going to tell you what to do or scold you for not doing it.

I’m your coach. That means I believe in you 100% and know you have the power to create and live a life you love (both personally and professionally). I have the tools to help you and know you can make the changes required to do so. I will support you in every way possible to help your vision of your best life become YOUR reality.

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