Dreams Do Come True

When I sat down to write today, I was planning a completely different article than this. It was supposed to be about how the only way to get out of a negative fearful situation is go through it. I’m sure I’ll write about that eventually, but as I sat down I was overcome with emotion so decided to share a different story.

I am writing this in the cottage by the pond on my property (Ashlyn Cottage). It’s a cold rainy December day and I am in awe of the fact that I am actually at my pond on a cold rainy day. This wasn’t possible a few years ago. I longed to have access to my pond (which is my sanctuary) in the winter and during cold nasty weather, but I didn’t because I’m not the person who’s going to pull up a lawn chair and sit next to a frozen pond trying to write through numb fingers. No, not me. Instead, I started to visualize what it would be like to have a structure built alongside the pond – a small space to use for writing and creative time, to use for client workshops and private retreats….

Oh how wonderful that would be, I thought.

That dream turned into many conversations with my husband, which turned into a sketch on a piece of scrap paper, which is now the image you see in the photo with this blog. I take no credit for the beauty of the property which I call home – that’s all God. I simply take credit for coming up with a property-enhancement idea, which felt like a dream, and then taking small steps to make it a reality.

Each time I look at this cottage, each time I walk inside and stare in awe at the pond through the huge windows, each time I host a workshop or a private client retreat down here I think, “Wow – dreams do come true.” Sometimes it’s hard to remember that, especially when we are experiencing lack or hard times. I’ll be honest, birthing this cottage was not easy. It was a long process filled with much stress and disruption to our lives and the peaceful nature of our property, but that’s often the case when we are bringing our dreams to life. There are fits and starts and disruptions, but the rewards are far greater than any of the inconveniences.

Sometimes we dream a big dream and think “that’ll never happen.” I thought that many times with many of my dreams that are now my reality, including this cottage. When we had to fire our first contractor and it sat for 3 months, 1/3 finished, with nothing happening I thought, “I’m going to have a half-built structure on my pond forever.” That could’ve certainly been the case if my husband and I stopped taking steps to get the work moving again.

So what does it take to make your dreams a reality (because I am here to tell you that they do come true. They are dreamt to be real. Why else would you have them?!)

First, dreams require belief from the dreamer. You have to believe your dream is meant to be a reality for it to come to life.

Second, dreams require time and consistent conscious effort. Consistency is the key to success. One day at a time, one step at a time, do something towards making your dream come true. It’s your dream so no one else is going to make it happen but you. Even the smallest step in the direction of the dream has a positive impact. Don’t put time constraints on it, just do something every day and before you know it, you’ll see it come to be. Our cottage was supposed to be complete in three months. (I laugh at that estimate now.) It actually took ten months and, like I said, it could’ve ceased after we fired our first contractor. It was our responsibility to get the momentum going again, to find a new builder to take over, and to ensure we were continuing to take steps and make the decisions that would make it a reality.

Finally, dreams require self-love of the dreamer and love of the dream. The dream of the cottage by our pond was bigger than the structure itself. It included all the things that space would be and is now used for. This was the love needed and energy required for it to come into being. In addition, we needed to believe that we deserved it; we needed to honor ourselves enough to know our dreams have meaning in the world and we are worthy of experiencing them. Whether your dream is a better financial future, a healthier body, a brand new career, a bigger home for your family, or a cottage on a pond, they are all worthy of being birthed simply because you dreamed them and YOU are worthy of living your dreams.

Yes, dreams do come true….

What are you dreaming? Take one step at a time to make it happen. Know you’re worthy of it and before you know it you too many be sharing a story like mine about Ashlyn Cottage.

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