Let Go and Step Fully into Your Flow

My next book is coming out in July and is titled: Fear to Flow: How to Give Up Your Struggle and Allow Life to Unfold Perfectly.

It is the story of my journey from living in false fear to living in the Divine flow of life. The book includes my personal story as well as tips for readers to learn:

  • If, when, and how they might be living life based on false fears.
  • How to move through and manage these fears as well as other difficult emotions such as loss, grief, anger, and frustration.
  • The four steps to living life from your authentic Divine flow, which results in a life of: freedom, love, openness, and wonder.

One thing about writing a book like this is that it compels you to make sure you’re living the message. Mine is an ongoing journey of ensuring I embody living life in my natural authentic flow. Doing this inevitably causes things to show up that push you, test you, and influence you to live what you know to be your truth – to live what is written about in the book. For me living in the flow included examining what I need to release from my life. This was and still continues to be a growth opportunity for me. I discovered I was hanging on to many things that felt nothing like flow. What do I mean by “flow”? I mean, “moving with the natural stream or current of life; aligning with one’s authentic life-rhythm and acting/living from that place.”

Living from and in flow meant there were labels I needed to release such as “results- oriented”, “driven”, “persistent”, “determined”, “type-A personality”, “focused” “make-it-happen” “go-getter”, and “hustler”. I identified with these labels for decades. Some were self-given and some given by others. They no longer fit my definition of living life in the flow. Letting go of those labels was actually easier than I thought. The more I moved though my journey from fear to flow, the less comfortable those labels felt.

But then I started feeling slightly (and then more than slightly) unaligned with the name of my business, how it was created, and how the name was a “front” for me. I created my business, C3 Coaching & Consulting in 2009. I designed it and grew it mostly from a place of “should”, “have-to “ and fear-based thoughts and feelings of what others told me was required to start and grow a successful business. It worked. It grew. It was successful, based on all the societal definitions of success. It was my baby. And then I realized I was hiding behind it. I was hiding behind the idea that I needed to be the owner of a business name (C3 Coaching & Consulting) for credibility purposes. In my mind being the “owner of C3” meant I was worthy and able to serve my clients from a place of professional credibility. Spoiler alert – it was never what my heart truly wanted. My heart wanted the business brand to be me. I always wanted to simply be Andria Corso and have my business platform emerge from there. My mind didn’t believe that was enough. My mind thought that wouldn’t work. My ego told me I needed a “real” business name, which was not my own.

So that’s what I did, until my journey of living life in the flow led me into the brick wall of “C3 Coaching & Consulting”. Boom. Ugh. It feels nothing like flow. It feels like fear and “should” and “have-to”. It feels unaligned. Honestly, when that hit me late last year, my initial thought was: Fucking fantastic, Andria. Now what? What are you going to do with that? Toss out C3? Rebrand? Again?

And guess what the heartfelt answer was? Yes. And yes! This is fucking fantastic. I am going to be ME. That is enough. That feels like flow. I am going to rename my company to MY name because being Andria Corso and offering services as who I am is FLOW. It feels like Freedom, Love, Openness, and Wonder. C3 feels tight, constricted, and like something I created because I was afraid to trust my heart and soul.

When I serve my clients I want them to feel the same freedom, love, openness and wonder that comes from living life from a place of flow. The Universe presented me with the perfect opportunity to be able to do that and tap fully into my authenticity by releasing the things that continued to prevent me from living a life of flow. Yes, one happened to be the name and design of my business.

As I walk the path of living life in Divine flow, I continue to choose to honor my heart and the intuitive nudges that my mind and ego would prefer I ignore. Yet, that is impossible for me now, at this stage of my journey. I must honor what I know to be true to my inner being. I must honor my Divine Self and rebrand C3 as a soul-filled life and leadership coaching practice that helps others lead and live from their souls. The only way I can do that is to honor my own soul, to be me, to rebrand as me, and know that I do not need to hide behind the name of a company to effectively and credibly serve my clients. I simply need to be me – it is always more than enough.

C3 Coaching and Consulting will officially transition to AndriaCorso & Co. in the coming weeks. You will see a new website, new design, and a new look and feel to the company. I’m excited to continue to offer heartfelt safe spaces and intuitive coaching services to clients. I’m excited to fully be in my flow of life so I can support clients in doing the same in their lives. And I’m moving forward on the path of uncovering things I still need to let go of and things that hold me back from truly living my purpose and passion. Sometimes I’m surprised at how many there are!

What labels do you need to let go of to step into your soulful life of flow? What are you still holding on to or hiding behind that you know, in your heart, you need to leave behind. Won’t you join me in letting it go and learning to step into and live life from your Divine flow? When you do, when you truly honor yourself in this way, you become your best self. You step into who God created you to be, and from that place are able to be the most wonderful version of yourself for all people, places, and things in your life.

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