New Year’s Reflection

We’re already two weeks into the New Year and I’m sure many of you are excitedly into your 2016 intentions, plans, and goals. I am as well, but not too far into it. I’ve actually spent the first couple of weeks of this year reflecting on 2015. I typically don’t spend too much time looking back, other than to review how far I’ve come. I encourage my clients to take time to reflect so they can note their accomplishments and how much they’ve grown and changed. And, I try to practice what I preach! Sometimes we don’t realize how much we’ve grown without reflecting on the past. Because 2015 was a year of healing, grieving, and soul growth for me it was actually more transformative than I expected or intended. It was also a year of pausing. I took a sabbatical, wrote my book, and spent dedicated time to heal and grieve after a year of tremendous loss in 2014. At first glance, I thought if I looked back on 2015 it would remind me of all I didn’t “do” and “accomplish” because of how I spent my time and energy. But then I reflected and realized I was more on track and had more growth and transformation than in any of the prior five years.

In case you might be feeling or thinking the same thing, that 2015 didn’t quite go as planned or you didn’t accomplish as much as you wanted, below are some things I discovered about myself during my 2015 reflection. They demonstrated that I actually grew more and achieved more than I expected or intended.

Are any of these true for you? If so, you’re farther along than you think…

• You took risks and despite the outcome, know what you did was right for you.
• You smile more and feel lighter.
• You’ve given up your need to know the answer and outcome of all you do. You are enjoying the journey and adventure and are more focused on the reason for doing things rather than the outcome.
• You’ve forgiven the past and let go of unnecessary anger (this was a big one for me in 2015 – forgiving 30-year-old wounds and deep seeded anger. It was truly transformative and I will be sharing more about this and how I did it in future blog posts.)
• You know your dreams matter and the world needs what you have to offer.
• You no longer define yourself by your achievements or outside influences. You know you are enough exactly as you are (this was another big one for me last year and much of this part of my journey is written about in my next book, Fear to Flow: How to Give Up Your Struggle and Allow Life to Unfold Perfectly, which will be out this summer).
• You opened your heart by showing more of your authentic self to the world.
• You’ve let go of expectations and instead trust in Diving timing in all areas of your life (this is one I continue to work on daily….)
• You no longer force anything. When it’s right, you will know.

As you review 2015, how many of these are true statements for you? Even if you can only identify with one of them, you’re still farther along than you think. Another thing to consider is which of these do you want to be able to identify with at the end of 2016? Set those intentions as you continue to proceed into the New Year. For me, it’s a continuous evolution and an intention to not retreat back to old ways and behaviors that were limiting me and my potential. I hope and intend to be able to identify with all of these again in 2016! Wishing you all a year filled with nothing but the best!

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