Five Quick Tips To Boost Your Self Confidence

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We’ve been running a complimentary 21-Day Self-Confidence Challenge the past month and based on feedback from participants, the following five tips are having lots of positive impacts on their self-confidence:


1. Write Down Five Things You Love About Yourself Every Day.
When I give this assignment to clients, I typically get the same reaction: Everyday? 3-5 THINGS? Do they have to be different?

Yes! Every day! 3-5 DIFFERENT things you love about yourself. They don’t have to be things you physically love about yourself although they can be; they can be anything. The purpose is to focus on what you love about you.

2. Smile At Everyone You See.
Research shows that smiling promotes healing energy, not only to those you smile at but to you! In fact, if you hold a smile for one full minute (even if it starts out as forced, fake one), by the time the end of that minute rolls around, you will be thinking of thoughts that make you smile; or, you’ll start laughing because you feel so silly sitting there smiling to yourself. Just start smiling and see how you begin to feel better about yourself.

3. Do Something That Makes You Feel Physically Strong.
It’s amazing how when I can lift a heavy box or beat my best time for a five-mile run I feel so much more confident in myself. Doing something that makes us feel physically strong is an instant self-confidence booster. It doesn’t have to be anything major and it might even be something you “used to do”; for example, a sport you played in school. Do one thing that requires you use your physical strength today and see how much better you feel about yourself.

4. Stop Hanging Around With Negative People.
Last week’s newsletter, The Ripple Effect, talked about how we tend to be the average of the five people we spend the most time with; it’s true that you pick up on and take on the energy of other people, especially those you spend the most time with. Spending time with people who constantly complain or are negative, and even worse, may be negative towards you can really impact your confidence. You want to surround yourself with people who are positive, self-confident, and loving. The less time you spend with negative people, the quicker your self-confidence will start to increase.

5. Throw Away Old Clothes.
Sometime this week spend 15 minutes in your closet and throw out anything that no longer fits (either too big or too small) and only keep those things that you love, that feel good on you, and make you want to give yourself a big hug. Hanging onto old clothes that don’t fit your body or your life style drags you down. It also zaps your self-confidence. When you wear things you love, that fit your life style, and your physical shape, your confidence instantly uplifts.

I encourage you to give these suggestions a try and, if you’re interested in enhancing your self-confidence even more, check out our 21-Day Self-Confidence Challenge. It’s complimentary until March 31 and, in less than five minutes per day you can transform yourself to calm, confident, and composed!

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