Let Go Of Your Need To Know Everything

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Leap and the net will appear.  About six years ago, when I was getting ready to leave my corporate job and start my business, my coach shared that quote with me by John Burroughs: Leap and the net will appear.  I was scared.  I wanted to leap but I wanted to see the net first.  Not only did I want to see the net but I also wanted to know how far the fall to the net was and all the steps required beyond the net (little did I know that each step required faith that a new net would appear).  At that time, I wanted to know every detail of HOW my new business would unfold.  Then I would leap.

What I discovered was that’s not the way it works.  It truly is about leaping and trusting that the net will appear after you take the leap, after you make the decision.  Once you decide to do something, the “how” shows up.  But it doesn’t show up in a nice neat package with steps one through ten listed out for you.  No, it shows up one small step at a time.  I discovered this is truly the best way for things to unfold. Yes, my practical analytical left brain wants to know all those steps before taking any action when in reality, if I knew step eight before getting through steps one through seven, it would scare me.   Step eight would scare me because I wouldn’t be ready for it.  It might even scare me enough to never start with step one.

And that’s why you have to take the first step before the second step even appears.  Once you are on step one, step two reveals itself and then step three and so on.  By the time you get to step ten you’re ready for it; it’s no longer scary.  And with each step or leap you take in faith, the nets keeps appearing, the steps keep revealing themselves to you and you’re on the path and traveling your journey.    It’s only when we let go of the need to know everything before we begin that we allow the full experience to unfold in the best timing.

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