The Right Time

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Have you ever been ready to make a decision to do something new and good for yourself (like seek a new, better job or start a new workout routine / wellness plan) and then heard yourself saying:  “I’m waiting for the timing to be better.”  “It’s not the right time.”  “I’m too busy.” “I’ll do it when my schedule frees up”?  I bet you have. I know I have!   Those are a few of the many excuses I’ve told myself and heard from others when trying to avoid making a decision to do something different, to help yourself, or to change your life for the better.

It never is the “right time” to look for a new job, especially if you already have a job.  Even if you are unhappy and know you want to do something different, a typical excuse to do nothing is usually “I’m too busy right now.  I’ll get my resume together when things settle down a bit”.  And then, before you know it another three, five, ten years goes by and you’re still too busy to get your resume together.  This happens in so many areas of our life.  “I’ll go back to finish my degree when my kids are in school full time”.  “I’ll get back in shape when my business travel settles down”  “I’ll quit smoking on January 1 – I’m too stressed right now to do it.” “I’ll start writing the book when I have more time…”

The fact is, busyness never ends.  We are always busy and we can always make ourselves busier.  There will always be an excuse to stay where you are, to not make the change you need to make to improve your life, despite how unhappy you may be.  Change can be scary and often requires letting go of things that no longer work in your life – that can be really unsettling to think about.  Sometimes it’s easier to stay with the unhappy known entity than venture into the unknown.  And that’s why the excuse of it not being the right time is so appealing and so commonly used by all of us.

In reality, the only thing that makes it the right time to do anything new or different in your life is your decision to do it.  Your decision to get your resume together, start the new workout routine, apply for your advanced degree, start writing the book or start searching for the new career is the only thing that makes the timing right.    As with changing almost anything in your life, it is usually up to you to make it happen.   So the next time you hear yourself thinking “it’s not the right time”, remember your decision to take action and step into the change you’re looking to make is what will instantly make it the perfect time.

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