The Start Of My Year of (not so much) Fun…

Thursday, January 9, 2014

I wrote a blog post late last year about how I set a new year’s intention to make my 2014 goals more meaningful.  Instead of just setting goals, I included the experience I wanted to have for the New Year.  I decided to make 2014 my year of fun; therefore anything I set out to accomplish as a goal had to include the experience of fun.   (You can read the full blog post here.)

So, there I was four days into 2014, dealing with a flooded finished basement and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work I needed to accomplish and prepare for in the coming week.  I was having anything but fun.   Realizing this, I immediately got upset with myself and the situation I was dealing with; the internal voices started, “so much for starting off your year of fun, Andria. Probably wasn’t the best intention to set for the year.” 

Despite that, I have not abandoned my intention for a year of more fun.  It is still in full swing; however, I am glad I had this experience of (nothing fun about) dealing with over-committing myself to my clients and having an unexpected flooded finished basement in the midst of it all.  Why am I glad for this experience?  Because it evolved my intention around my year of fun.  That intention of having more fun directly aligns with things I am “doing”; it is to ensure the things I have set out to accomplish are, in some way, associated with me having more fun. And if not, then I shouldn’t be doing them. 

At the same time, life will happen – just as it did when my husband and I woke last Saturday to 3 inches of water in our finished basement.  Dealing with this incident had nothing to do with my intention of having more fun but everything to do with how I show up and “be” in those moments.   

When we discovered the water in the basement, I wanted to cry (seriously).  I had way too many other things on my agenda that day to deal with the basement issue but suddenly that was the priority.   As I said earlier, this incident was not about what I wanted to accomplish or how I wanted to spend my time but instead, it became about how to show up in that situation.  What was the best way for me to “be” in that moment?  Crying made sense and seemed realistic but instead, my husband and I instantly moved into our ‘strength’ roles… he started with the manual moving of valuables, trying to figure out where the water was coming from, and cleaning up while I instantly got on the phone with the plumber and the insurance company.  Eight hours later, we had a messy but drying basement and a plan for repairing the damage.  

I realized that although everyday may not fulfill my requirement for fun, it can be an opportunity to not only show up calm and focused but also to find the fun and funny moments.  It took my husband and me until later that evening to actually laugh about the day we had but I think his Facebook status about our experience sums it all up…. (and yes, this should be read as sarcastic and definitely humorous)

Matthew McKean

That moment on a Saturday morning when you’re deep asleep, but think your wife just said, “…no water coming out of the kitchen faucet.” That moment when you sprint to the basement in your boxers and find yourself standing in ankle deep water. That moment late in the day when you finally look at what you’re wearing, remember you never showered, and realize you have no deodorant on. That moment when someone in the cleanup crew says, “At least it wasn’t sewage.” Those…those are interesting moments.

Fun? Not really. Funny? Yes, looking back there were many funny moments.  And, even more valuable was the opportunity to think about the person to show up as in those moments.

So, I’ve expanded my ‘year of fun’ to include ensuring that when life throws me moments where fun is no where to be found, I will do everything I can to show up calmly and lovingly and, after those not-so-fun moments pass, look for the fun and positive within them.   You can always find them, when you step back for just a moment….

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