Career Reinvention Step 1: Acknowledge

Thursday, June 13, 2013

As I mentioned in last week’s video blog, step one of reinventing your career is to acknowledge that something is off and that you’re no longer satisfied with your career as it currently stands.    When you admit that things are not right and you acknowledge that you want a change, you begin to get ‘unstuck’ from where you are.  Sometimes when we keep things bottled up or don’t acknowledge what’s wrong, we stay stuck in what’s wrong.  However, once you do acknowledge that something needs to change, it’s not as if your career suddenly changes.  In fact, your life will be pretty much the same as before you admitted your desire for a change.  So, then, what does acknowledging really do for you and why is it an important first step to reinvent your career?  Click on this week’s video to find out!

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