Courageous Leadership

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Whenever I hear of someone being “courageous”, I often think that someone acted “bravely” or in a “fearless” manner. Yet, being courageous is actually about being heartfelt.  The word courage comes from the French word le coeur, which means heart.  Using this term alongside “leadership” really demonstrates what being an inspiring leader is all about.  Individuals who  “lead from the heart” are those whom others most resonate with and who gain a true followership.

One way courageous leadership is visible is in how leaders interact with those who follow them.  Courageous leaders are empathetic, concerned, and treat others with respect. They truly care about the people they lead.  They actually serve their people, knowing that they (the people) are the most important assets in their organization.

Another big piece of being a courageous leader is actually knowing and being able to articulate why you lead.    It’s having heartfelt purpose behind your leadership role and being able to share that “why” with those who follow you.  Doing this demonstrates courage and attracts other people to you.

What are you doing now to demonstrate that you are a courageous leader? What can you do differently?  Perhaps adding in a bit more empathy to your leadership style and sharing more about why you chose to be a leader will help.  Also remember to be authentic as you’re doing this and you can be certain that others will be drawn to you. They will choose to follow you, not because they have to but because they want to.

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