Building Relationships

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Today’s video’s tip is on Building Relationships.   I’m sure you’re very good at building relationships with your key stakeholders, but in order to continue to reach higher levels of success in your leadership roles, you must not only be able to build the relationships but also sustain them.  It’s often sustaining the relationships that can take a bit more of your time and energy; however, is always well worth the effort.  Since a big part of leading is getting things accomplished through others, you won’t be able to accomplish all you are capable of without solid and sustainable relationships.

What are some of the things required to sustain relationships?   First you want to be authentic and show others your true self as well as act with integrity, so that others start and continue to trust you.  You want to be open to sharing information with others; whether in a group setting or an individual one-on-one setting.  Sharing and gathering information builds and sustains relationships.   You also want to take steps to build trust through acting with credibility and being reliable. Doing these things not once, but on a regular consistent basis with your key stakeholders (those are people who impact your success as a leader) will support your leadership success and make leading much easier for you.  The stronger your relationships are with these people, the easier it will be for you to lead them or influence them.  Take some time to evaluate how solid and sustainable your relationships are with your key stakeholders and decide if there are some additional things you can do, or some things you can do differently that will enhance the relationships even further.


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