Leadership Integrity

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Today’s leadership video picks up where we left off last time when we talked about authenticity.  This topic is about integrity, which goes hand in hand with authenticity.  Why? Because, if you are an authentic leader, you act with integrity and you are “in integrity”.  Being “in integrity” means that your thoughts and behaviors are aligned.  You say what you mean, you mean what you say, you do what you say and all of it is aligned to your beliefs and the real you.

I am sure you have all known leaders who don’t act with integrity; they are those who say one thing but do something else.    Leaders who act with integrity are honest.  They share both good and the bad news. They don’t sugar coat things when times are tough; yet, they will inspire the path forward through their purpose and vision.  They motivate others to push through troubling times because they are honest about it.    And, leaders who act this way are defined as authentic.  They are true to who they are and because of that, they act with integrity; so, that is why the topics of authenticity and integrity go hand in hand and are both vital behaviors for all successful leaders to practice.

These behaviors, along with the others we have talked about in the previous videos are what will draw others to you and make leading much easier.  Why? Because when others are drawn to you and want to follow you, then your ability to lead them becomes something that is done without struggle because, not only do you want to be doing it, but others want to be led by you. Consistently acting with authenticity and integrity in all you do will improve the results you get and support you in reaching higher levels of leadership success.


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