Manage Your Energy

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

As I write this blog post, I am in the midst of getting ready to move to a new home with my family, relocate my business, and at the same time, have an extensive amount of travel coming up during this time.  Managing my energy is essential, not only for me to remain healthy but for me to continue to be able to serve my clients to the best of my ability.

As leaders, it’s easy to get caught up in everything going on around us and not take time to stop and slow down.  You know  what I’m talking about:  when you think you can do everything and are running on empty because you haven’t taken time to renew and refresh yourself.  You’re doing this because you are a high performing dedicated leader.  You keep charging ahead because that’s what it takes to get it all done and continue to be high performing, right?  I know this because I do it and, due to all that’s going on in my life these next two months, I find myself doing it a lot these days.

Its times like this that I remember what it means to be a high performer.  It means you work hard and also take time to refresh and renew because you know your body isn’t designed to keep going at the highly intense pace of stressful and busy times.  It means you model yourself after high performing athletes who have an on and off-season.  They are high performing in their on-season because they actually take time off to renew, refresh and recharge.  If they didn’t do that, they would not be as high performing during their on-seasons.  It’s the same with those of us in busy, intense, and often-stressful leadership roles.  We must remember to stop and recharge so we can continue to be high performing.

Manage your energy.  Take time to recharge your batteries so you can perform at your best on a regular basis.


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