Leadership Intention

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In our last leadership video tip, I talked about how important leadership mindset is in reaching high levels of success as a leader.  Today I want to focus on an important aspect of mindset and that is Intention.  Intention is a purpose or action with regards to an event or subject.  Your intentions about leading impact your overall mindset about leading and your role as a leader.

What is your leadership purpose?  What do you truly intend to do through leading?  Do you approach your leadership role with positive intent?  Often times we are so busy as we get put into different positions or roles and are moving so quickly through our days that we don’t take the time to stop and really think about these things; however, it’s critical because it impacts your success.

Your intentions, if positive and with heartfelt purpose, will positively impact your mindset and your success as a leader.  It’s important to understand the power of this.  It can truly make all the difference for you, not only in your levels of success, but in how easily you lead others and how others are drawn to you and want to follow you.  Take some time to think about what your intentions are with regard to your leadership role.  Focus on making them positive.  This will begin to shift your overall mindset about leadership in a more positive direction, which will then begin to impact your results. 


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