All Eyes On You

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Leaders, whether you know it or not, you are constantly on stage. You may not realize it but those who work for you are observing everything you do from how you walk into a room, to how you walk down the hall or how you answer your phone. You are a role model, whether you want to be or not. By virtue of the fact that you are leading others, you are a role model and all eyes are on you.

Do you know what type of behavior you are modeling? Often times we aren’t even aware of the things our body language says or whether or not our body language is congruent with what we are saying. Awareness is a key factor in ensuring that what you say and do align and what people are perceiving is what you want them to perceive and believe about you.

For example, as you walk down the hall and pass someone on your team who asks you how you are, if you say “I’m great thanks” but don’t smile or slow down and just keep moving towards your destination, do you think that person believes you are great or that you appreciate them asking? Probably not. As you walk into a large meeting and greet other people, how are you greeting them? Warmly and openly or are you being a bit more reserved and to yourself? Those who work for you are observing what you do, assessing whether or not they can approach you, and determining whether or not your behavior is congruent with the things you say you value and with your vision for your organization.

Again, this is about being aware that you are being observed and that others on your team are looking to you as a role model. Once you are aware of this, it’s a great opportunity to behave in the way that demonstrates what you stand for and the types of behaviors and interactions you want to occur throughout your organization. Because all eyes are on you, your behaviors will likely be those that your team believes are the most acceptable and often times end up being the most practiced by others.

So, again, I will ask: what types of behaviors are you modeling? Remember, all eyes are on you!


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