The Power of Persistence

There is a framed photo on my desk of runner out for a run in a beautiful field with mountainous views.  The photo says, “Persistence – The race goes not only to the swift but to those who keep running”

I love this photo because it reminds me to be persistent in the pursuit of my goals and dreams.  When we are persistent, we act with conviction and that energy draws us toward those people and events that help our dreams come to fruition. Even if they don’t show up exactly how we want or think they should or we are met with obstacles and roadblocks along the way, it is the persistent pursuit of our goals that will eventually get us to them.  This absolutely holds true for our career goals.

A great example of this happened with one of my colleagues.  He was seeking a higher-level promotional opportunity inside his company and his goal was to reach the highest level sales position inside his organization.

Since setting his goal several years ago, he has been in a few different roles in his company (all sales related) and only one has actually been at a higher level.  He continues to broaden his knowledge of all sectors of his company and all their different customers in his pursuit of his ultimate goal.  He has had some missteps and taken a few steps backwards as he has learned and grown over the past few years but he has not gotten discouraged.  He knows that the more he perseveres and the more he succeeds in his current assignments, the closer he gets to his ultimate goal.  He has even gotten frustrated at some of the obstacles that he feels have slowed down his progress yet, again, he does not let his frustration derail him or discourage him.  He knows that he will win this race to his ultimate career aspiration. He knows all the assignments and new learning are grooming him for the highest-level sales position.  He also knows that, despite how badly he wants this role to be in his current company, if it doesn’t happen where he is currently working, he knows it will happen somewhere else.  He does not lose sight of his ultimate desire and he keeps persisting and pursuing because he knows that the race will go to he (or she) who keeps on running.

I love his story and his dedication and persistence.  It reminds us to never lose sight of where we want to go and to never stop persevering.  When we are committed and persistent, one day we will wake up and realize that we have reached that ultimate goal.  Why? Because we kept on going.

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