Emerging Leader? Distinguish Yourself With These Qualities

One of the clients I coach is a young emerging leader. The more time I spend time with this individual and listen to him speak, the more I find myself thinking the following two things:  first, “I’d love to have him on my team” and second, “I’d love to work for him”.  So, what is it about him that makes me say these things?
First, he has an extremely calm demeanor and exudes a quiet confidence when he speaks.  He is not boastful but extremely confident in his abilities.  He knows what he wants to do with his career and is confident he will reach his goals.  The energy he conveys is calming.  He is flexible, goes with the flow yet, is not afraid to make a decision and take a risk to better himself, his team and his company.  These traits are not often seen in young leaders but more frequently come out as leaders grow and advance.  Having them at such an early career stage makes me believe that they will only enhance as he grows and develops.  This individual is plan-ful about developing himself.  He takes initiative to further educate himself, work on his personal brand and build his network, while, at the same time, exceeding expectations in his job.  Who wouldn’t want someone like that on their team?

In addition, he has a clear leadership style that promotes collaboration and stewardship; that is, through leading, he wants to bring out the best in others.  As a leader he wants to work in partnership with others and provide them with opportunities to grow and advance and do the best they can.  He is able to articulate this and his actions reflect these beliefs.

So, who wouldn’t want to work for someone like that?  Especially someone who is so calm and confident. The more I coach this individual, the more I am surprised that he is only 10 years into his career.  He is an emerging leader with characteristics that many senior leaders still struggle to portray.  I say that bodes quite well for him and for those who have the privilege to work with and for him.

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