Being Aligned With Your Work (Part 3)

As a continuation to this week’s earlier blog posts on being aligned with our work, I would like to share an example of someone who is aligned to their work and who clearly does something that connects with what she values and what brings meaning to her life.   (To read parts one and two, please visit: Being Aligned, Part 1 and Being Aligned, Part 2)

This example is about a good friend of mine who was once a Marketing Executive in a large pharmaceutical company.   After about 10 years in this career, she had two children and suddenly what she valued and what motivated her shifted.  Being in a big marketing executive position was no longer aligned to what mattered most in her life.  What matter most was now being a Mom to her children.  She actually noticed many negative behaviors (impatience with her team, cynicism about her company, general feeling of “dread” about going to work) creeping into her work world so that was a clear indicator that she was no longer aligned.

My friend decided to leave her corporate job and start her own part-time business working from her home so that she had enough time to be there for her kids as they were growing up.  Her business was centered on creating marketing messages for small businesses and she modeled it in such a way that she could do all her work from home.  This was essential because her number one priority was being a Mom to her children.  After she did this, I watched her blossom into this person I never knew before; someone who was calm and kind all the time and who clearly was “in the flow” of doing what she loved, which, for her was both being a Mom and running her small business creating marketing messages for her clients. Although my friend made a drastic change to align herself, it sometimes only takes a shift in the way we work or who we are working with to create a better connection to what we do.  It doesn’t need to be drastic.
I think we intuitively know when we are around people who are united with their purpose and whose work represents that purpose.  They are calm, confident, happy, serene, energized and inspiring.  Think about some public figures or Olympic Athletes such as Oprah Winfrey or Shaun White.  These individuals exude confidence and passion in all they do and things flow for them.  Why? Because they are doing work that honors their values and work that motivates them.   I see this behavior in my pet sitter and the vet technicians at my veterinarians’ office.  These people love being around and helping animals so much that, not only do animals love to be around them but people do too!  So, I recommend the same for you:  do what you love, what you value and what motivates you.  It will make all the difference for you and those who will have the pleasure of being in your presence.


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