Limiting Beliefs and Expectations

A client of mine has been struggling to get a new job.  When we started working together, he was not even sure it was a “job” he wanted; however, based on his family situation and some other personal life circumstances, his focus has been on getting a job that enables him to provide for his family.  He has been diligently conducting his job search over the past couple of months yet is very frustrated because even though he has had many interviews and been close to a few offers, things have not yet materialized for him.  As we delved into his frustration in our last coaching session, he was very forthcoming in what he believed about the job search process:  that it was hard, would take a very long time and that the ideal job that he wants does not exist.  In fact, he truly does not even want to get a job – he wants to “build a business”.  When he finally admitted all of this, it was a big realization!   He actually is holding himself back because of the beliefs he has about the job seeking process, what it will entail and even what will result for him (a non-ideal job!).

I then shared a story with him about a friend and colleague of mine who was laid off from her job last November. She chose to view losing her job as a great opportunity to begin a new chapter in her life.  She was excited about seeking a new job with a new company and about the new connections and experiences she would gain not only from a different job but also throughout the job search process.  Within the first month of her job search, she received four offers.  For her, it was all about expectation and belief, just as it is for my client.   She was expecting a fruitful opportunistic journey and that is what she experienced.  He has been expecting a long, difficult, and unsatisfying journey and he that is exactly what he is getting.

As we embark on, and continue along our career journeys, we must look at what our beliefs are and how they are serving us.  Even when we wake up in the morning to begin our days, what are we expecting?  If we expect lots of traffic and long boring meetings, that is likely what we will get but, if we expect friendly drivers, and lots of opportunities to learn and grow from those we interact with, then chances are we might experience that.  If you think back on your life, do you see a pattern of how you mostly get exactly what you truly believe?  So, what are your beliefs about your career journey?  Are they limiting you or are they opening up countless opportunities for you?

My client actually has had a breakthrough by realizing that his beliefs are limiting his progress and so now we will work together on altering his expectations and therefore positively impact his journey to his next career opportunity of building a business.  It is the same for all of us: if we have limiting beliefs and expectations, we will limit our results but if we expect and believe in the best, we will receive that as well.

Pay attention to your belief system and see how it has impacted and continues to impact the outcomes of your life experiences. And, remember to enjoy the journey and expect the best!


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