Create The Space In Your Life For Change To Occur

When we purchase a new couch or new bedroom furniture, we usually have to clear out the old furniture to make room for the new items to arrive.  Typically, if you leave the old furniture in the room, the new stuff won’t fit!  The same type of concept is also true for the changes we are trying to create in our lives.

One of my clients is working really hard to advance to a higher-level role inside his company and this is a key concept we are working on together through coaching: creating space in his work life for the new responsibilities to come. Based on the way he is currently working, he would never have the time to take on additional responsibilities in a higher-level role.  So, through our coaching, he is learning to do things such as delegate the tasks he has mastered to others to make room for the larger responsibilities that he wants to assume.  He is also learning to structure his day so that he has time to learn what it means to be operating at a higher role while allowing those on his team to grow and develop through taking on more of his tasks that are not strategically focused.

This concept of “creating space” also worked successfully in my life.  When I first started my own business, I was so busy writing a book and marketing my business so much that I literally had every hour of every day booked with things related to those two tasks.  I was noticing after several months that I didn’t have as many clients as I wanted at that point.  My coach asked me where I intended to fit more clients into my schedule when they came to me.  I said that I’d make the time for them, of course!  She suggested that I make the time and space first and then see what happens.  When I took her advice, low and behold, the clients soon appeared and fill the space.  It is the same thing with career advancement. Create the space for the additional responsibility and new tasks you want to take on before you actually take them on.  Plan for the new assignment and responsibilities ahead of time — it will ease your transition and help facilitate your growth into that new position.

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