Driven By Curiousity

I was watching an interview the other day where Diane Sawyer was the interviewee and talking about how she has been such a successful journalist for so many years.  She said that she is “driven by curiosity”. I just love that saying: “driven by curiosity”.

Of course, it makes complete sense for a journalist to be curious but I actually thought how beneficial it would be for all of us, regardless of our professions, to be driven by curiosity; to wake up every day curious about what we could explore, discover, uncover and share with others; curious about those we interact with and what makes them tick.

I think we often get so caught up in what is going on in our own lives that we forget to be curious, to ask questions and explore the world around us.   Being curious means having a mindset of discovery and that often means putting ourselves aside and focusing completely on what is going on around us and also what is going on with the person or people with whom we interact.  Because we filter things from our own perspective, this can limit what we actually intake and process.   If we could be conscious of putting our own viewpoint aside and exploring things and people as if there is an unlimited supply of information to be gained, I’d venture to say we’d be a lot more excited and enthusiastic about how we approach each day… sort of like a young child, or perhaps even a really outstanding journalist.


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